Thursday, August 27, 2015

5 minute table runners

They almost look like neckties dont' they?  I ended up switching out the buttons on the first 2 because I realized that I had cuter buttons. See the lime green apples on the striped one? 

These really do only take 5 minutes and each one uses up not quite a quarter yard of fabric. The coffee one, the fruit/stripe one, and the Christmas one were all kits I just bought this month. The Halloween one, and the 2 yellow/fruit ones were from my stash fabrics.  I'm thinking I should make more Christmas ones for my co-workers and use up more of that collection of Christmas fabric that keeps growing.


  1. Very nice- you are on a roll. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am doing my applique the lazy way and using invisible thread. Haven't decided if I am going to use the gingerbread people yet so am making a few more 12 in. blocks.

  2. Good job. I think your coworkers would love these gifts.

  3. How cute! They really do look like ties. The buttons really add something to them, too. Great gift idea!