Wednesday, August 5, 2015

RSC15 block in indigo

This month's color is indigo or we can choose to substitute a dark purple or black if we prefer. I decided I didn't want to use black but didn't have much for dark blue in my stash. Or dark purple either. 

This block center is Mr Roosevelt's Necktie and I did find some dark blue for this. But over my lunch hour today I stopped at my local quilt shop and picked up a couple more options to use in the next couple of blocks. I think it looks like there are 3 indigo blocks although only 2 have been posted so far. Maybe I'll get that other block made tonight after work. And I guess I need to add another 1 yard to my stash status.  


  1. Nice job. Indigo is a color that I use often, but yellow would find me headed to a quilt shop for some shopping.