Sunday, February 21, 2016

A small finish to add to my stash report

Wow!  I am so much happier with this mini quilt than I was when I first started it. And I finally got a photo that is fairly accurate with the colors.

Isn't it strange how sometimes when you have a project going in those first stages, it suddenly doesn't look like you imagined it would?  And then the disappointment sets in and that is when things are in danger of being set aside to never to finished. 

That is where this project was after I had about 3 of the sections made. I was seriously questioning my color choices and just didn't like it.  But I pulled it out this month and decided I needed to "suck it up" and finish it anyway. It has a lot of pink in it so it will meet our guild challenge to make something with pink. And now that it's hand quilted and bound - I love it. 

This pattern is from a book on paper pieced minis called Little Gems. And now that I have this one done I've already been looking through the book to figure out which one I want to try next. But not right away.

Now for a quick stash report. I forgot to do one last week so this is a 2 week report and I only have 1/2 yard of "used" fabric to claim - for this mini quilt. But I'm getting really close to adding some bigger used numbers as soon as I finish some binding. Last week I did add 3.5 yards of stash enhancement however.

In this week: 3.5 ydsIn this year: 9 ydsOut this week: .5 ydsOut this year: 18.5 yds

I am still ahead of my stash by 8.5 yards this year so far. Winner, winner, chicken dinner!


  1. Your work is beautiful and I love the color choices! Thanks for the name of the book!
    Enjoy your quilting!

  2. I'm glad you finished this little quilt. It's beautiful!