Monday, February 22, 2016

Do these count as vintage?

I found 4 of these candlewicked muslin blocks folded up in a box in my closet. I made them in the early 1980s and originally planned to make them into pillows for our bedroom. Are these now old enough to be considered vintage? 

I was really into this candlewicking for awhile. Since it's all French knots, it goes pretty fast and there were lots of beautiful patterns available at the time.  But like so many things these poor blocks became a lost project and were never finished.

The muslin squares are about 18" although the stitching is only about 9" in the centers, so they could be easily any size in between that. I'm kind of thinking that I could make 5 pieced blocks using the same dusty blue (maybe a 30s print) and create a 9-patch wall hanging with these. 

I would really love some suggestions about pieced block ideas to go with these. Any ideas??


  1. Yep, vintage. Well in my world. Anything over 20 years is vintage. I like your idea of adding pieced blocks with them. I did something similar a few years ago with some embroidered blocks my mom made back in the 80's. My project was much larger,but it might give you some ideas.

  2. Definitely vintage. I used to do a lot of candlewicking.

  3. It's not something I've done before, but it's very pretty.

  4. This might be out of the box, but I would be tempted to look for a fresh yummy modern floral print that has swirls in it like the candle wicking design. Maybe something with blue/navy/bright pink. Set the candle wicking in the center and simply border it with the fresh print and I think you would have a gorgeous collection of pillows or even handbags!

  5. I'm thinking an 8 pointed star to echo the 8 swirls of the Candlewicking.