Tuesday, January 24, 2023

More Sewcialites blocks

In a previous post a couple weeks ago, I showed 2 possible layout ideas for adding the 3" red/white Sewcialites blocks to last years beginning of the Stay At Home Round Robin.  Most readers liked the layout option with those diamonds on opposite corners turned into stars.  

I agree and have begun to work with the red/white blocks currently made.  The bottom and right side has been attached, and I've started the top and left sides. 

Blocks #11 and #12 were finished yesterday, and I've begun to put the top and left strips together.  These all are getting some spacers as the little blocks finish at 3", and the diamonds finish at 4".  

The other 3" set of blocks still needs Blocks #11 and #12, and that might not actually happen this week.  I hate falling behind, but I knew it would happen with a week away this month, and 2 more weeks away in February.  I'll get caught up eventually.  


Ramona said...

Your little pile of blocks looks like candy! So yummy!!

Kate said...

Your remodeled SAHRR project is looking good. It's going to be a fun quilt. It's so hard to find a unique setting, this one is really fun.

Astrid said...

Pretty red and white quilt and I agree with the diamond star top left. Pretty bright blocks too, so yummy.

Vicki in MN said...

Yes I like this layout a lot with the big diamonds in the corners, snowflake or star look.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Have fun away where it is warmer! :)