Sunday, December 10, 2023

Pillowcases & Quilts of Valor

The 5 grandkids each get a new pillowcase in their Christmas stocking every year.  This year the oldest grandson will receive 2 pillowcases.  


He has a double bed now, and a bedroom painted in Houston Texans colors because that is his favorite team.  So it seemed appropriate to make him a pair of pillowcases with a more grown up feel but still showcasing his team.

This afternoon, one final Quilt of Valor will be awarded for 2023.  There are still about 9 requests pending, but they'll have to wait for 2024.  


Kate said...

What a fun stocking gift. Enjoy the Quilt of Valor ceremony. Otherwise I hope it's a relaxing Sunday.

Vicki in MN said...

You say each year they get a pillowcase, how many years have you been doing this?