Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Dirt instead of fabric

I am NOT a gardener. I don't particularly enjoy gardening and therefore am not very good at it. But I really LOVE having flowers to enjoy, so I now have 2 pots of flowers on my back deck. 

The flower pots and one big pot with tomatoes have been my whole garden the past few years. The deer can't get to the pots and I can see them from my kitchen, family room, and bedroom windows.  

My lunch break today included planting my tomatoes and my big flower pot.  I haven't cleaned off the deck yet, but the pots are watered and looking pretty good.  I have some King Tut (tall spikey), a couple of red geraniums, some yellow Superbells called Lemon Slice, and a sweet potato vine. It should fill in very nicely.

And next week - hopefully - our contractor will arrive and remove this old deck and replace with our new deck. I can't wait to enjoy sitting out on that new deck this summer.


  1. I'm not a gardener, so I purchase geraniums and place the pot they come in inside my larger pots. I used to plant tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, etc. but the soil was not good and I let the plot go back to grass.

  2. Your glorious container inspires me to want to get mine going, too! Must wait until danger of frost issues are gone, but I put in some Cosmos plants last year and they bloomed for me.