Thursday, September 9, 2021

Fish School flimsy

 Sometimes a change in plans makes all the difference in whether you like a project or love a project, and Fish School is one of those times.  I love how this turned out!!

The new jelly roll I chose was a line called Glass Beads, and the colors are so pretty with little dots and circles of lots of color.  This was a much better finish than the Kaffe would have been.  It has a "cleaner" look.  And I can use that Kaffe jelly roll in something else eventually.  

This worked out to 43 x 52", and should make a nice baby quilt with it's bright primary colors.  There are enough left over strips to do a scrappy binding too.  Now to find a good backing.

The fish row was a Row By Row kit that I picked up in Iowa several years ago.  I had originally thought it would be a bench pillow or maybe a table runner.  But this is what it really wanted to be.  There are more of these row kits in my cabinet, so maybe I can do something similar with another one eventually.  


  1. Congrats on a bright and colorful finish! I agree, this is what the kit really wanted to be.

  2. Sara, what fantastic use of a 'row by row.' I love the quilt, too!!

  3. Oh, what a delight! And you are right on about the jelly roll choice -- they contrast but don't clash.

  4. Fun quilt! The strips look like they are filled with bubbles.


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