Saturday, March 18, 2023

RSC Saturday #10 - more green

Playing with green this month has given me some insight into just how much green I actually have in my stash.  Green and blue must be my Go To colors, because those are the ones that I have the most of right now.  Do you have certain colors that you tend to buy most often? 

A few little bits of green were used up from the scrap bins this week, in between working on getting that Framed 9-patch quilt to the flimsy stage.  There was plenty of green in that quilt top, so it counts for RSC as well, right?  

Then from a scrap of that floral border print, I made an Irish Chain block.  

I also just couldn't resist playing with a bright floral fat quarter that I picked up on our road trip last month.  More touches of spring were needed in my isolated little Covid world this week - plus there's green here too!  

This is the Invigorate block (Joanna Figueroa) from last week's Sewcialites 2 block release.  I knew I would want to make this block again and again.  I found some green from the scrap bin and pulled a couple of blue and yellow 3.5" squares from the box of leftover 3.5" squares, and added them to the floral fat quarter to make 4 blocks.  These are 9" blocks (finished size), so I'm thinking that 4 together with a simple border would make a great pillow cover or possibly a table runner.

Red, white, and blue may be the next version of that Invigorate block.  

Bonus - the 9" version of this week's Sewcialites block is green too. More about these tomorrow.

What else is happening in the RAINBOW world this week?


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I love the prints you have mixed in these blocks

Far Side of Fifty said...

The other day all I bought was green yarn , as if I needed any more yarn but part of it is for a baby blanket:)

Helenchaffin said...

I have an over flow of pink scraps not being much of an orange person I usually have to buy fabrics for challenges ,luv your blocks!

Ivani said...

Beautiful green blocks Sarah.Irish Chain block looks cool, but sewcialites blocks looks fantastic.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

You have some pretty greens for your blocks, Sara! I love green, but noticed when I was looking for them for my split 9s that some of my greens are just plain ugly. :) Your framed 9 patch is lovely and so are those Invigotate blocks. I can see why you like them!

Ramona said...

Lots of pretty blocks here today! I have a lot of green and yellow, but very little blue. I love blue, too!

Jenny said...

You have bits of green popping up everywhere, must be Spring! I seem to have more pink fabrics it seems. And lots of blues too. Hope your isolated Covid world is coming to an end, then you can get out and about again.

Susie H said...

Lots of green in lots of stages ... from blocks to a finished quilt. Great job and all look good!